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MEG Legacy

Introducing MEG: Legacy, a very limited Complete Collector’s boxed set of SEVEN First-Edition Hardbacks that comprise author Steve Alten’s MEG series.  These are the novels that inspired 2 major motion pictures The MEG & MEG-2: The TRENCH (starring Jason Statham). Within these gold-etched pages (bound in high-quality faux leather custom-made exteriors) are not just the seven MEG thrillers (the last – MEG: PURGATORY debuting in 2024), but hundreds of pages of brand-new never-before-published offerings—including three Angel of Death novella featuring fan-favorite Angel, the 74-foot, 70-ton albino Megalodon that inhabits the Tanaka Institute (when she’s not eating people and escaping.) Each novelle serves a purpose – to fill in time gaps between the first four books – enabling the author to create the ultimate MEG super-novel spanning forty (character) years — a seven volume tale of terror and fun like no other.

Also included in MEG: Legacy are the six breath-taking comics that make up the MEG graphic novel, multiple fan appreciation extras, and one unexpected bonus — non-fiction, auto-biographical, behind-the-scenes excerpts from the roller coaster ride that became Steve Alten’s life a quarter-century ago after 60+ literary agents passed on his giant shark tale.

“Only one literary agent shared my vision as to what MEG had the potential to become…if not for Ken Atchity, I would never have been published. And all I had to do to acquire his services was sell my car.”   –Steve Alten

Available in three classic colors, you can order one volume at a time or pre-pay for all seven volumes at once. NOTE: Anyone who purchases Volume one is guaranteed an opportunity to purchase Volumes two thru seven.

Only 5,000 sets can be pre-ordered and printed!

From NY Times & international best-selling author Steve Alten

I started planning the MEG Legacy series in 2022 after announcing MEG-7: Purgatory would be my final novel in the series. Diehard MEG fans have been asking for a uniform special collector’s edition for years, but simply republishing the original books was not an option. My goal was to create a one-of-a-kind seven-volume matching book set loaded with new content; including several Angel of Death novella that would fill in the gaps between Books One thru Four. Also included would be a special seven-part author’s bio detailing the rollercoaster ride that has marked my 25 years as an author and scribe. As for the look and feel of the set, MEG: Legacy had to WOW my superfans, the MEGheads… and the books also had to hold up over time. As such, each volume is protected in high quality faux leather; with eye-opening designs and internal artwork and graphics that spare no detail.

MEG: Legacy will not be sold in bookstores or amazon, each volume or set must be preordered (below). Only 5,000 sets will be printed, guaranteeing Legacy will follow the investment value of MEG: Nightstalkers (only 4,580 first edition hardbacks in print, retailed at $27.95 – now being sold on eBay for $450-$525 EACH – if you can even find a seller).


(revised June 15, 2024)

Volume One has three weeks of editing before it is sent to the printers. Volume Two is massive… new updates soon..


I will always have a special place in my heart for our public libraries. It was in the public library in NE Philly (next to GWHS) where I spent three to four hours every day reading; it was in the Palm Beach County Library in West Boca Raton, Florida that I completed my research for my first novel (MEG) in 1995-1996.

A & M Publishing was granted a very limited print run on sets of MEG: Legacy sold to the public – the only exception being for Public Libraries. One of my goals in creating MEG: Legacy was to support public libraries. Once the 5,000 sets of books are sold out, we would list the locations of all libraries that purchased sets of legacy… all part of our planned MEG: Legacy Library Experience featuring zoom calls with Steve Alten and other special promotions.

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Book Edging

Red with silver edging

Red with Silver Edging

Ocean Blue with silver edging

Ocean Blue with silver edging

Black with gold edging

Black with gold edging

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